In the ~10 days before the first shot we started Vit D3 supplementation (starting at 5k IU, up to 10k IU (2 x 5 per day)). I figured that if the Vit D is required, then by giving it in sufficient but safe dose, we might push the equilibrium to MAF activation ('to the right side' of the equation). I noticed that after a few days of Vit D, our boy was significantly more alert and aware of his surroundings. So, the chemistry seemed maybe logical I thought. And, in that week or so we saw improvement in speech; more in terms of clarity and reasoned responses than in enhanced vocabulary. We had given Vit D before, but at low doses, and could not discern any differences.

Fever is generally measured at about 40 – 40.5c (103 – 104f) and occurs naturally when we are infected by a virus, for example.

Fever is a very effective, and wise, reaction that has developed in all mammals and humans.

Because viruses, bacteria and pathogens multiply rapidly their membranes are thinner than those of naturally occurring cells and the fever weakens the membrane which makes them more vulnerable to an immune attack, or permanently disabling them.