Autism has a number of causes - which means you can do something to help reverse it and improve the life of your child.

This report will teach you what the various causes are of autism or autism spectrum disorder. There are at least 13 different causes or conditions that lead to the development of autism. A particular case of autism is not caused by all these conditions, but many of the causes will be involved in the development of autism or an autism spectrum disorder in your child.

We call this common sense because what goes on all too often in the medical field regarding autism has nothing to do with common sense. All too often you are told that autism is mostly caused by genetics, possibly with some environmental causes too. And even worse, that there is little to do about it, or to prevent it. It seems that just about everyone in the standard medical field says, with little evidence to back it up, that vaccines have nothing to do with autism. All this flies in the face of common sense. Why?

A great number of children have significantly improved or even been cured by taking vigorous actions with supplements and therapies. This would not and could not happen if autism was primarily genetic, if there is nothing you can do since it’s genetic. Unfortunately, because drugs are ineffective in dealing with autism, and may even help cause it, the traditional medical world all to often says there is nothing to do.


This is not the case. Many many MDs and health professionals have been able to successfully help autistic children improve, sometimes greatly. If this can happen with even one autistic child or adult, it can happen with any person with autism.

It is a basic tenant of the scientific method that any hypotheses, such as autism is primarily genetic and as a consequence there is nothing to do about it, is disproved when even one event proves it to be false. The hundreds of children who have recovered from autism each disprove or falsify the theory that there is nothing you can do about autism.

Even though that theory has effectively been disproved many times, it persists because, unfortunately, modern medical treatments are anything but scientific. Drugs are a big, money making business. You and your children are victims, as is everyone using non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, statins, osteoporosis drugs, and just about any drug there is on the market.

To put it simply, drugs don’t work well and have many harmful side effects because they are modified from nature so that they can be patented. Our bodies are designed to only use nutrients that are natural. Anything not natural, like drugs, and genetically modified foods, chemicals and the whole onslaught of manmade toxins we have created, has toxic side effects in the body.

Again, to put it simply, an autistic child has been over-exposed to these toxins. There is no way further toxins, in the form of drugs, are going to correct this issue. And they don’t. Which is why the mainstream medical profession is so ineffective in dealing with autism. It can’t possibly work. So rather than admit that their approach is stupid, unscientific and backwards, they claim that autism is primarily genetic and that there is little or nothing you can do to help your child.

As easily thousands of children with autism have improved over the years, with some becoming normal again, to say that nothing can be done, other than giving a few drugs to help with the symptoms, lacks common sense, and is a barbaric way to treat, or should we say, not treat, someone with autism or autism spectrum disorders.

Just because your doctor knows of little to do, don’t feel that there is nothing you can do to improve autism or autism spectrum disorders. Too many people with autism have been improved as the underlying causes are dealt with, for this to be true. Your child will get better too, if you take significant and appropriate action. There is no way they couldn’t. This is just plain common sense.

This report is going to help you identify what the best actions to take are, what needs to be done to improve your child. We start out by covering the causes of autism.

The Causes of Autism

If it was just one thing that caused autism, autism might be easy to correct. Someone would discover the cause, and then a particular solution could be developed to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, this will never be the case as there are multiple causes of autism. In fact, several things have to happen for autism to develop.

We will cover these causes in this section of the report. Many times health practitioners focus on just a few of these causes. This usually will not be enough. And it can get overwhelming, if you start looking into what the research is showing about autism, to decide what is most important to focus on.

In this report we start by covering these causes, or issues that could have played a role in the development of autism in a child -- in order of what we believe to be their importance.

Successfully deal with the revelent issues and you can help a child or adult with autism improve and even become a fully functional, normal child again. So let’s get started with not only what we think is the main underlying cause that sets the stage for autism, but what Donna Gates of the Body Ecology Diet also identifies as a major issue.

#1 Candida Overgrowth

The clue to candida yeast overgrowth being a major cause of autism lies in the fact that almost all children with autism have severe Candida overgrowth. Candida is a yeast that is supposed to exist in small amounts among the much greater amounts of friendly bacteria in your intestinal flora.

Unfortunately in this age of antibiotics, toxic medications, chlorinated water, and birth control pills, all of which destroy the friendly bacteria and leave the candida yeast intact, candida overgrows in the intestinal tract, filling up the space left by the dead friendly bacteria. It overgrows rapidly because our usual sugar and refined carbohydrate filled diet is just what the candida yeast love to eat. Fast food for you, fast food for candida. So millions of pregnant women have candida overgrowth.

Candida overgrowth can actually become worse during pregnancy because candida eats progesterone, levels of which elevate during pregnancy. You can read more about candida overgrowth and what you as an adult can do to get rid of it at:

As the child travels down the birth canal, he's meant to be "inoculated" with good bacteria from the mother -- a crucial step in building the child's ecosystem. Unfortunately, most women (and men, for that matter) today are so lacking in good bacteria themselves, that they pass on, quite unintentionally, mostly pathogenic bacteria and yeasts to the child, rather than the good bacteria the child needs.

This inhibits the development of the baby’s immune system. And then, compounding things, the baby is typically given vaccinations, which a soup of toxins and toxic metals like mercury and aluminum (adding to those that have already been inherited from the parents) that damage the child's brain and nervous system. Further, as the child grows older they're not fed the proper foods they need to correct this rough start.

When a mother has candida overgrowth, her baby is infected during birth. The baby's undeveloped immune system cannot kill the candida, and the friendly bacteria the baby should have picked up from its mother are missing, so candida overgrows in the baby. While there are several harmful reactions that happen to the baby because of this candida yeast fungal overgrowth, I think that perhaps the most damage is caused by the following.

Candida yeast, once it overgrows in the intestinal tract, changes into a fungal form with legs that literally drill holes in the intestinal wall. This causes what is call a leaky gut, full of holes. Partially digested protein slips into the bloodstream through these holes before digestion is complete. The body can't absorb this partly digested food.

In fact, the immune system must try to get rid of the undigested food as it does any toxin. And it ends up over-responding to those foods, in an allergic response. This causes the gluten and other food allergies virtually every autistic child has. The foods are entering the bloodstream before they are completely digested, so the immune system becomes keyed to treating the foods as harmful, and allergies develop.

Because of these allergies, and because of the leaky gut letting food that is only partially digested enter the blood stream, a child with fungal overgrowth cannot properly digest protein. And this inability to digest protein is key to setting up a child to become autistic. This is because your child is then unable to make....


Glutathione is a protein found in every cell in your body - at least, it is supposed to be in every cell. It is your body's main cellular detoxifier. In addition, the liver uses it to cleanse the blood, and the lungs use it to cleanse the air we breathe. It is also one of the two most important antioxidants in your body.

In addition, it acts as a virus killer in each and every cell in your body. The problem arises when your baby is digesting very little protein because of a leaky gut and allergies cause by candida overgrowth. Because of this lack of protein, it can’t make glutathione.

Research shows that glutathione is deficient in virtually all children with autism. Meaning that they are not able to make enough of it to maintain adequate levels needed to properly detoxify their body and brain. Because they are unable to properly break down the proteins in foods into amino acids, their bodies do not have enough amino acids to make glutathione.

And this is the crux of the matter when it comes to the development of autism.

There is a strong possibility that most children who develop autism do so because of an inability to produce glutathione. It’s probably the fundamental reason why one child may be exposed to a high toxic overload from a vaccination and does not develop autism, while another child exposed to this toxic overload develops it.

The child who develops autism has an inability to make the amount of glutathione needed to neutralize the toxins and kill the viruses in the vaccinations. Their supply of glutathione gets used up and they can’t make enough to take care of this onslaught of toxins and viruses.

So the toxins stay in the brain and rest of the body, and become the primary cause of autism.

A child who does not have candida overgrowth or any other issues which may lead to poor protein digestion, is able to produce enough glutathione to neutralize the toxins that bombard it from a vaccination or other toxic overload exposure, and thus the toxins are able to be eliminated. In this case, brain function is not seriously compromised and autism does not develop.

To repeat, an autistic child is not able to replenish glutathione because their protein digestion is impaired. Usually by candida overgrowth causing leaky gut.

The lack of glutathione means that the brain can't detoxify the chemicals and heavy metals it has been flooded with -- from vaccines, Lyme bacteria, foods, environmental toxins and so on. The primary toxic overload for most autistic children is the vaccinations they have been given. The heavy metals and toxins that cannot be eliminated because glutathione is lacking, disrupt and interfere with brain functioning, and autism or autism spectrum disorders develop.

If you want to read some research about the relationship between autism and glutathione and toxic metals, do a search for:

“The Severity of Autism Is Associated With Toxic Metal Body Burden and Red Blood Cell Glutathione Levels”

Detoxification is primary when it comes to reversing autism. We have heard numerous reports from parents who describe how their child started to improve within days of starting on Liposomal Glutathione, a rapidly absorbed glutathione which moves directly into the cells via a liposomal delivery system. Glutathione in a powder form or given via injection gets broken down and doesn’t make it into the cells.

There are other problems that candida overgrowth causes. For one thing, candida yeast produce large amounts of toxins. They also consume mercury in the body, and turn it into a form that is more likely to disrupt the brain and nervous system.

Donna Gates from the Body Ecology Diet has a slightly different take on the effects of candida fungal overgrowth in the development of autism. She also has some very good information in general on autism. Below are her main points from an online article she wrote.

In recent years, groups like Defeat Autism Now (DAN), started by doctors whose own children suffer from the condition, have done an excellent job of diagnosing what's gone so seriously wrong with millions of children. They have consistently found a combination of conditions including severe intestinal dysbiosis, systemic fungal and viral infections, mineral deficiencies, abnormal serotonin levels and an abundance of toxic materials including pesticides, other chemicals, mercury and other heavy metals. To date, attempts to solve autism focus on the use of supplements and various therapies, including diet, to correct the disorder (and its milder forms, including Asperger's syndrome, ADD, ADHD and ODD).

Our theory is that the missing piece lies deep within the intestinal walls and includes conquering systemic fungal and viral infections. Indeed I believe autistic children are suffering from a gut and brain infection that creates neurological dysfunction, which can be corrected with time. The research needs to be focused in this direction, rather than focusing on mercury. Here are some of the myths and truths you need to know:

Myth: Nothing Can Be Done Before or During Pregnancy -

Studies show that the number one determining factor of longevity and quality of health is fetal nutrition.

Fetal nutrition starts with the parents before conception and continues with the mother during her pregnancy.

Ideally, parents would begin the Body Ecology diet 6 months to 2 years before conception. This is critical today because a systemic fungal infection, like candida, can set the stage for autism.

In addition, many infants begin life with the added disadvantage of inheriting weakened adrenals and congested livers from their parents. Cleansing toxins from your body and increasing vital life force in each parent will ensure that the fetus inherits more constitutional, pre-natal vitality. This is the greatest gift you can give your baby.

How Systemic Fungal Infection Sets the Stage for Autism ....

Progesterone levels normally climb during pregnancy and as they climb, blood sugar levels or glucose climbs as well. While this is a natural part of pregnancy, there can be risks if the mother has an undetected, systemic fungal infection or candidaisis.

A fungal infection in the body of an expecting mother can become more acute as blood sugar levels naturally go up. All infections in the mother's blood are passed to her baby. This is why babies are being born today with systemic fungal infection. When this happens, yeast is in the baby's gut.

Studies show that yeast in the amniotic fluid can paralyze the gut wall, so babies are in turn constipated at birth. This can be serious because the baby won't have the ability to eliminate inherited toxins - including metals, like mercury.

Myth: Autism Is Mercury Based Truth.... autism is not mercury based, but begins in-utero, with a fungal infection and the inability to detoxify.

These are the children who are born at risk for autism because they lack a healthy inner ecosystem at birth. A healthy inner ecosystem is made up of the friendly microflora (good bacteria) that reside in our intestines and keep us healthy and strong.

Babies who lack this inner ecosystem have almost no immunity (since 85% of our immunity is located in the lymph tissue in the gut).

Vaccinations were originally created for people with strong immune systems who had resistance to the pathogens that were injected into their blood stream. Newborn babies have not had time to build strong immune systems. Without a healthy inner ecosystem, the immune system will never be strong.

Beware of Systemic Fungal Infection Combined With Vaccinations

A baby's blood-brain barrier isn't formed until 6 weeks after birth. Before the blood-brain barrier is formed, there is potential for fungus and viral infections to enter your baby's brain....

Many children appear to be relatively normal upon birth. They may have problems with things like constipation -- until they get the MMR vaccination around 18 months.

Based on my research, I believe that upon inoculation with these three live viruses, the mumps portion causes the blood-brain barrier to open. We know this because when a child becomes infected with the mumps virus, his blood pressure elevates.

Research shows that the blood-brain barrier opens with elevated blood pressure. Your doctor may not know this, since it is not taught in medical school. Swollen lymph glands in the neck and high blood pressure are symptoms of mumps infection -- and because the child has an underdeveloped immune system, instead of building antibodies to the live viruses in this vaccination, he becomes infected by the vaccination.

While a child is supposed to develop immunity, the immune system is not in place due to the existing fungal infection.

The child has no ability to resist the assault from 3 live viruses: measles, mumps and rubella (measles has been found on the gut wall by Dr. Andrew Wakefield).

The child is not the same and shows signs of infection in the brain. He begins to regress in language development and social behaviors. We believe that the systemic fungal infection (that was unknowingly passed to millions of newborn babies) can not only secrete dangerous toxins, but also pass through the open blood-brain barrier.

The child then becomes infected with candidial meningitis or viral meningitis.... If it has not yet entered the brain, the elevated blood pressure allows it to enter through the blood-brain barrier. .... Our theory makes much more sense than autism as a genetic condition. This can empower parents to make changes that will benefit themselves and their children.

Myth: Gluten-Free/Casein-Free Is Enough

Truth: While the gluten and casein free diet is a step in the right direction, it's not enough

The key is to establish your child's inner ecosystem. In order to do this, there are several steps we recommend:

1. Heal chronic and acute bowel dysbiosis and restore gut immunity

2. Correct nutritional deficiencies

3. Create energy so the body can begin the process of healing (with a special focus on the adrenals and thyroid)

4. Conquer systemic viral and fungal infections

Remove • Gluten • Casein • Sugar (even natural sugars in fruit, breads and carrot juice) • Bad fats

Add • Plenty of fermented foods and beverages to create a healthy inner ecosystem. • Plenty of land and ocean vegetables • High quality fats - for important essential fatty acids. • Alkalize overly-acidic blood and heal the intestines • ImmunePro (casein free) to aid detoxification and increase glutathione • Raw egg yolks to nourish the brain and help fight viral infections • Raw organic butter

Myth: Autism is a Genetic Condition and is Not Preventable or Treatable

Truth: One thing has become increasingly clear: autism isn't the genetic condition that it was once assumed to be.

It is preventable and even treatable if we understand the multiple causes of the "systemic failure" that brings it about.

A lack of understanding of the role of our inner ecosystem is preventing researchers from unlocking the mystery of autism. If we fully recognize the value of the amazing "subculture" of microflora that our intestinal tracts are designed to support, we can discover the key to preventing and healing this disorder. "

Donna Gates Body Ecology Diet

I emphasize the lack of glutathione production a candida overgrowth causes. Donna emphasizes the disruption of the immune system response caused by candida overgrowth which leads to viral infections in the brain. Both happen. Both happen primarily because of the combination of vaccinations in children whose candida overgrowth has disrupted their digestion and immune response. So naturally, the second primary cause of autism overall is most likely....

Issue #2 Vaccinations

CDC Senior Scientist William Thompson in late summer of 2014 has revealed that the CDC did and does know of the connection between vaccinations and autism, and that they have been covering it up.

Mainstream media has had a blackout on this information, by and large, but there is much information online.

The idea that vaccines may be a primary cause of autism and autism spectrum disorders is a major controversy in discussions as to what causes autism. All major mainstream autism sites make the point that while vaccinations are often blamed for autism there is no research showing this link. The Mayo Clinic writes:

“One of the greatest controversies in autism is centered on whether a link exists between autism and certain childhood vaccines, particularly the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. No reliable study has shown a link between autism and the MMR vaccination. A study published in 1998 that theorized there could be a link has been retracted because there's little evidence to support that theory.”

The retracted study was done by Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey, who worked together to help Jenny’s son conquer his autism and wrote the following about this retraction.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is being discredited to prevent an historic study from being published that for the first time looks at vaccinated versus un vaccinated primates and compares health outcomes, with potentially devastating consequences for vaccine makers and public health officials.

It is our most sincere belief that Dr. Wakefield and parents of children with autism around the world are being subjected to a remarkable media campaign engineered by vaccine manufacturers reporting on the retraction of a paper published in The Lancet in 1998 by Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues.

The retraction from The Lancet was a response to a ruling from England's General Medical Council, a kangaroo court where public health officials in the pocket of vaccine makers served as judge and jury. Dr. Wakefield strenuously denies all the findings of the GMC and plans a vigorous appeal.

Despite rampant misreporting, Dr. Wakefield's original paper regarding 12 children with severe bowel disease and autism never rendered any judgment whatsoever on whether or not vaccines cause autism, and The Lancet's retraction gets us no closer to understanding this complex issue.

Dr. Wakefield is one of the world's most respected and well-published gastroenterologists. He has published dozens of papers since 1998 in well-regarded peer-reviewed journals all over the world. His work documenting the bowel disease of children with autism and his exploration of novel ways to treat bowel disease has helped relieve the pain and suffering of thousands of children with autism.

For the past decade, parents in our community have been clamoring for a relatively simple scientific study that could settle the debate over the possible role of vaccines in the autism epidemic once and for all: compare children who have been vaccinated with children who have never received any vaccines and see if the rate of autism is different or the same.

[By the way, such a study has been done. Amish children, who are not vaccinated, have virtually no cases of autism. In fact in the research study reporting this, the only child who had developed autism had been vaccinated as a baby. editor.] Back to Jenny and Jim’s letter.

“Few people are aware that this extremely important work has not only begun, but that a study using an animal model has already been completed exploring this topic in great detail.

Dr. Wakefield is the co-author, along with eight other distinguished scientists from institutions like the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Kentucky, and the University of Washington, of a set of studies that explore the topic of vaccinated versus un vaccinated neurological outcomes using monkeys.

The first phase of this monkey study was published three months ago in the prestigious medical journal Neurotoxicology, and focused on the first two weeks of life when the vaccinated monkeys received a single vaccine for Hepatitis B, mimicking the U.S. vaccine schedule. The results were disturbing. Vaccinated monkeys, unlike their unvaccinated peers, suffered the loss of many reflexes that are critical for survival.

Dr. Wakefield and his scientific colleagues are on the brink of publishing their entire study, which followed the monkeys through the U.S. childhood vaccine schedule over a multi-year period. It is our understanding that the difference in outcome for the vaccinated monkeys versus the un vaccinated controls is both stark and devastating.

There is no question that the publication of the monkey study will lend substantial credibility to the theory that over-vaccination of young children is leading to neurological damage, including autism. The fallout from the study for vaccine makers and public health officials could be severe. Having denied the possibility of the vaccine-autism connection for so long while profiting immensely from a recent boom in vaccine sales around the world, it's no surprise that they would seek to repress this important work.

Behind the scenes, the pressure to keep the work of Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues from being published is immense, and growing every day. Medical journals take extreme risk of backlash in publishing any studies that question the safety of the vaccination program, no matter how well-designed and thorough the research might be. Neurotoxicology, a highly-respected medical journal, deserves great credit for courageously publishing the first phase of this vaccinated monkey study.

The press has been deeply misled in the way The Lancet retraction, and Dr. Wakefield's mock trial, have been characterized. Led by the pharmaceutical companies and their well-compensated spokespeople, Dr. Wakefield is being vilified through a well-orchestrated smear campaign designed to prevent this important new work from seeing the light of day.

What medical journal would want to step in front of this freight train? Moreover, why now, after 12 years of inaction, did The Lancet and GMC suddenly act? Is it coincidence that the monkey study is currently being submitted to medical journals for review and publication?

We urge the media to take a close look at the first phase of the monkey study discussed above and to start asking a very simple question: What was the final outcome of the 14 primates that were vaccinated using the U.S. vaccine schedule and how did that compare to the unvaccinated controls?

The U.S. vaccine schedule has grown from 10 vaccines given to our children in the 1980s to 36 today, perfectly matching the dramatic rise in autism. The work of Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues deserves to be shared with the world to further, rather than censor, scientific progress.”

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey


As a matter of fact, there are plenty of reasons, as you have read, why vaccines are likely to be a major cause of autism. None of them implausible. Interestingly, there have never been any good studies proving the safety of vaccines. Of course, that is understandably. They aren’t safe. Following are some quotes from doctors and scientists who have looked into the studies.

“Coming down to the issue of giving it (Hepatitis B vaccine) on day one of life, there are several issues that surround that. The first is when we did this primate study giving that hepatitis B vaccine on day one. We looked for the safety studies of that policy. What had been done to establish the safety of giving it on day one? Not just giving it on day one, but giving it on day one to every infant whether they were born at 24 weeks or 30 weeks or 36 weeks or 40 weeks, whatever their gestational time… whatever their birth weight was, whether they were 10 lb. or 3 lb. or 2 lbs, they were getting the same shot at day one as a matter of policy. Safety studies… We couldn't find them. And that was really shocking, really shocking. How could this be? If you're going to make a case for it, if you're going to do it, you’re going to make it a matter of policy for every kid in the country then you'e got to be absolutely certain that you got the safety set that is right because if not, you may produce insidious problems, minor degrees of damage which you don't pick up straight away, but are catastrophic. [2010 April] Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield

"Safety studies on vaccinations are limited to short time periods only: several days to several weeks. There are NO (NONE) long term (months or years) safety studies on any vaccination or immunization. For this reason, there are valid grounds for suspecting that many delayed-type vaccine reactions may be taking place unrecognized at to their true nature."--Dr. Buttram MD

"A small but growing minority of physicians and scientists are becoming aware that safety testings for the various vaccines have been woefully inadequate. As one of many examples, in 1994, a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences published a comprehensive review of the vaccine safety of the hepatitis B vaccine. When the committee investigated 5 possible and plausible adverse effects, they were unable to come to any conclusion for 4 of them because, to their dismay, they found that relevant safety research had not been done."--Dr. Buttram MD

"To date there has never been an independent, controlled study which proves that their vaccines are safe or even effective."--Ingri Cassel

"While the myriad short-term hazards of most immunizations are known (but rarely explained), no one knows the long term consequences of injecting foreign proteins into the body of your child. Even more shocking is the fact that no one is making any structured effort to find out."--Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD

"The CDC immunization policy is disgraceful from a scientific, medical, or public policy point of view. It is a scientific disgrace because vaccines only get short-term or epidemiological tests, and not controlled tests for long-term side effects"--Roger Schlafly, PhD

"The central defect in the numerous, recent mandatory vaccination requirements is that the same people who are profiting from these vaccines are also in control of the research on[,] and publication of[,] the dangers of the vaccines. The fox is pretending to guard the henhouse. …foreign research has found problems with the Hepatitis B vaccine for children. Note that I said "foreign," because there is no independent US medical research on this. Incredibly, even industry safety studies on the MMR vaccine have not extended beyond three weeks following vaccination."--Laura Reude, MLS

"I have minutes from a CDC Study Group Meeting on the Hepatitis B vaccine held in March, 1997. The minutes of the meeting show that it would take at least a 60 day study to show the onset of MS. Clinical studies done by the two manufacturers were four and five days in length, respectively. It should be noted that the afternoon session of this meeting was chaired by Dr. Robert Sharrar of Merck. This group was to decide how to identify various types of adverse reactions such as MS and demylenating disease and to plan meaningful studies. When Dr. Sharrar appeared on ABC's 20/20 in January he said that he honestly believed that the Hepatitis B vaccine had not caused any problems. Can an employee of a pharmaceutical company that manufactures the vaccine be objective in designing experiments to show fault in a product that generates close to a billion dollars in sales for his company?"
Betty Fluck RN and Hepatitis B vaccine victim

It makes no difference whether a vaccine or a combination of environmental toxins and pathogen exposure was the actual cause of autism. You still work on correcting the causes of autism by neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body. And you must deal with the pathogens that are always involved in autism, whether they are viruses, fungus, bacteria, or mycoplasms. We focus on vaccines in this report for several reasons. Independent science actually supports the likelihood that vaccines cause serious harm.

I have spoken with far too many parents who told us their autistic child was normal until shortly after a vaccination.

As William Thompson is now exposing, drug companies and the CDC are doing their best to suppress research showing that their vaccinations may be causing serious harm to your babies.

If your child has oral thrush/candida overgrowth, you’ve got to get some glutathione into your child before and after the vaccinations, and take other detoxification and immune building action, in order to help prevent the vaccines from throwing your child into autism.

Vaccines contain a slew of toxins, still with mercury in some cases, and lots of aluminum, which flood the body of an infant or child. These completely overwhelm the child's ability to deal with those toxins. With undeveloped immune systems, babies and young children simply cannot handle the toxins and pathogens in the vaccines. (Even adults have problems.

A consensus is building that the Gulf War Syndrome was caused by the vaccinations given to the troops.) Vaccines introduce many more toxins into a child than it is able to get rid of if they are not able to adequately produce glutathione. As a consequence, the toxins get stored in the cells. This toxin buildup prevents the brain from functioning properly.

According to the Center for Disease Control's own website, common ingredients in vaccines include:

o antibiotics (which many children are allergic to)

o aluminum gels (which can, if there is a silicon deficiency, cause brain conditions like those exhibited in Alzheimer's disease)

o formaldehyde (a highly toxic carcinogen)

o monosodium glutamate or MSG (a potent excitotoxin capable of causing seizures, brain tumors and more)

o egg protein (which can cause a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction)

o sulfites (which can cause allergic reactions)

And yes, mercury is still in some vaccines.

"While the use of mercury-containing preservatives has declined in recent years with the development of new products formulated with alternative or no preservatives, thimerosal has been used in some immune globulin preparations, anti-venins, skin test antigens, and ophthalmic and nasal products, in addition to certain vaccines," says the FDA on its Thimerosal in Vaccines page.

To read more about the vaccine/autism connection and its cover-up by the government and the pharmaceutical industry, Click Here to read an article written by Robert Kennedy Jr. on this very subject.

Rebecca Carley, MD reports, "What the CDC does not list is that 13 vaccines at present (and more are in the works) are actually cultured on aborted human fetal tissues. … The CDC fails to mention that the ethyl-mercury containing preservative thimerosal has been found in many vaccines, and still is in some.”

Dr. Carley points out that the "rate of occurrence of autism in the last generation became self-evident proof that vaccines are the causative factor." For more information on the use of aborted human fetal tissues for culturing vaccines, go to

Some researchers point the finger at the ill-conceived hepatitis B vaccine as a major cause of autism. Others point to the MMR vaccine as a major cause. Both are potential causes, for slightly different reasons.

The hepatitis B vaccine is especially bad because the baby is so young when exposed to it. As many vaccine experts point out, giving the hepatitis B vaccination to newborns, as is done now, makes no sense at all because a newborn's immune system is not developed. So it can't produce an immune response to the vaccine.

Vaccines are designed to stimulate the immune system, but in newborns, there is nothing for the vaccine to stimulate. So it does no good. All it is good for is making plenty of money for the drug companies, the doctors who give the vaccines, and unfortunately, it may also help cause autism.

Many older children develop autism after getting the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination. The MMR vaccine contains three strains of viruses, so it exposes a small child to more viruses than its underdeveloped immune system can handle. The vaccine literally causes multiple viral infections in the child that overwhelm the immune system, and leads to the development of autism in some children.

Dr. Carley makes the point though, that there is a fatal flaw in vaccines themselves that can lead to autism, autoimmune conditions and other diseases. She writes:

“What the promoters of vaccination failed to realize is that secretory IgA (an antibody found predominately in saliva and secretions of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract mucosa) is the initial normal antibody response to all airborne and ingested pathogens. IgA helps protect against viral infection, agglutinate bacteria, neutralize microbial toxins, and decrease attachment of pathogens to mucosal surfaces....

“Bypassing this mucosal aspect of the immune system by directly injecting organisms into the body [via vaccines] leads to a corruption in the immune system itself whereby IgA is transmuted into IgE, and/or the B cells are hyper-activated to produce pathologic amounts of self-attacking anti-bodies as well as suppression of cytotoxic T cells.

“As a result, the pathogenic viruses or bacteria cannot be eliminated by the immune system and remain in the body, where they cause chronic disease and thus further grow and/or mutate as the individual is exposed to ever more antigens and toxins in the environment....

“The mechanism by which the immune system is corrupted can best be realized when you understand that the two poles of the immune system (the cellular and humoral mechanisms) have a reciprocal relationship in that when the activity of one pole is increased, the other must decrease. Thus, when one is stimulated, the other is inhibited. Since vaccines activate the B cells to secrete antibody, the cytotoxic (killer) T cells are subsequently suppressed....

“This suppression of the cell mediated response is thus a key factor in the development of cancer and life threatening infections. The organisms continue circulating through the body, adapting to the hostile environment by transforming into other organisms depending on acidity, toxicity and other changes to the internal terrain of the body.”

To recap what Dr. Carley says in more simple terms, the viruses or antigens in vaccines bypass the critical first line of defense for the immune system - the components in the linings of the intestines, lungs and saliva. As a consequence, vaccines do not stimulate the immune system in a healthy, effective manner.

The side of the immune system that is supposed to kill the viruses and other pathogens, the T cells, is actually suppressed so it can't kill them. The B cell side that causes allergic and autoimmune activity becomes over-active. So the immune system becomes seriously compromised, and cannot work like it should. Autoimmune conditions develop where the overactive inflammatory side of the immune system starts attacking cells where pathogens or toxins are hiding. Recent research shows that autism is indeed an autoimmune condition.

There is another factor with vaccines that leads to the development of autism. Dr. Carley explains, The antigens present in the culture media itself [on which the viruses used to make the vaccine are grown] cannot be completely filtered and separated from the organisms cultured thereon [the vaccine's viruses].

Thus, any antibodies formed against antigens from the culture cells themselves (for example myelin basic protein from chick embryos or the 13 vaccines which now contain aborted human fetal cells) can cross-react to form an autoimmune reaction against the myelin basic protein in your myelin sheath, etc.

This autoimmune reaction is crucial in the development of autism. The destruction of the myelin sheath protecting the nerves is one of the primary causative factors for autism.

Molecular mimicry is due to similarity of proteins contained in organisms and mammals. (For example, the measles virus is made up of proteins similar to myelin basic protein; thus, antibodies formed against the measles virus antigens subsequently also cause an auto-antibody attack against myelin basic protein in the myelin sheath due to cross reactivity of these antibodies.)

So not only do vaccines overload the child with toxins. They may start autoimmune responses against the nerve fibers in the brain, exposing and damaging them. This activity alone can cause autism.

The myelin sheath continues to grow until about age 10. It is important to stop the attack on it as early as possible, to deal with autism at as young an age as possible, so that the myelin sheath can grow normally and recover from the damage to it.

How come there is more autism than ever when mercury in vaccines has largely been eliminated?

There is major reason why the hypothesis is wrong that vaccines aren’t a cause of autism because mercury is no longer in many vaccines, and yet autism rates still continue to rise. Besides what we just covered, another reason is....


In an interview on, Dr. Ayoub, an MD who had been concerned about mercury in vaccines, explains why he became concerned about the amount of aluminum in vaccines. First many parents told him their child had high levels of aluminum in their child’s toxicity profile. Secondly, a nutritionist showed him how 90% of the children in one school had developed ADHD during the course of a single year, and they all had massive amounts of aluminum in their toxicity profiles.

So he began looking into aluminum and vaccines. Turns out the compared to 1970s to mid 80s, where 4 vaccines given to children had aluminum in them, now children get 17 shots with aluminum in them. More than doubling the milligrams of aluminum received in vaccines.

Turns out that FDA regulations on the maximum amount of aluminum in vaccines, which has no biological role inside your body, has nothing to do with safety, rather the limit is based on the effectiveness of the aluminum in helping the vaccine work. There has been no safety data whatsoever on it.

Aluminum has several problems. Aluminum is toxic, it impairs your body’s ability to excrete mercury, and it impairs glutathione synthesis.

Given that the candida overgrowth reduces the ability of the body to produce glutathione, adding aluminum to the mix only makes things worse. Dr. Mercola further details the effects of aluminum on the brain.

How Aluminum Can Harm Your Brain

When you or your child is injected with a vaccine, the aluminum compounds it contains accumulate not only at the site of injection. but travel to your brain and accumulate there. In your brain, aluminum enters neurons and glial cells (astrocytes and microglia).

Studies have shown that aluminum can activate microglia and do so for long periods, which means that the aluminum in your vaccination is priming your microglia to overreact.

The next vaccine acts to trigger the enhanced inflammatory reaction and release of the excito-toxins, glutamate and quinolinic acid, Dr. Blaylock points out.

Meanwhile, if you come down with an infection, are exposed to more toxins, or have a stroke or head injury of any kind, this will magnify the inflammatory reaction occurring in your brain due to the vaccines. Research has shown that the more your immune system remains activated, the more likely it is you’ll suffer from a neurodegenerative disease.

The aluminum hydroxide used in many vaccines, including hepatitis A and B, and the Pentacel cocktail for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, and meningitis, has been clearly linked to symptoms associated with Parkinson"s, als (Lou Gehrig"s disease), and Alzheimer"s.

Scientists discovered the link after injecting mice with an anthrax vaccine developed for the first Gulf War. After 20 weeks, a fifth of the mice developed a skin allergy, and memory problems increased by 41 times compared to a placebo group. also, inside the brains of mice, 35 percent of the cells that control movement were destroyed.

There is overwhelming evidence that chronic immune activation in your brain, as discussed by Dr. Blaylock above, is a major cause of damage in numerous degenerative brain disorders, from multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer"s disease, Parkinson"s and als, which may explain the link between aluminum-containing vaccines and these diseases.

Late last year a team of scientists also found that vaccination involving aluminum-containing adjuvants could trigger the cascade of immunological events that are associated with autoimmune conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome and macrophagic myofasciitis, a condition that causes profound weakness and multiple neurological syndromes, one of which closely resembles multiple sclerosis.

Even a study in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, admitted that:

‘Aluminum is now being implicated as interfering with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system and in other tissues.’

This has led some experts to suggest that aluminum in vaccines may be linked to autism.”

We occasionally get emails saying that vaccines are not the problem, that autism just happens to some children, that there is nothing you can do about it. (They probably need to spend some time reading the above information again.) They don’t seem to be able to explain why many children with autism improve after using powerful cellular detoxification products lto remove toxins.

A researcher looked at children who had developed autism back in the 1930s. It turns out that every child with autism had a parent who was working in an operation where they were in contact with mercury, and lots of it. Mercury was much more commonly used in industry and agriculture back then.

The fact that the only cases of autism back then were in children exposed to mercury from their parents occupations is a clear sign that mercury and other toxins are a fundamental problem in autism. And clearly refutes the argument that autism is a genetic disease.

Vaccinations at the very least expose a child to an overload of toxins, and sometimes viruses. If the child can’t get rid of the toxins because of an inability to produce enough glutathione, thanks to candida overgrowth, if the child can’t get rid of the viruses because their immune system is poorly functioning, again partially caused by candida overgrowth and the effects of the vaccines on the immune system, autism or autism spectrum disorders develop.

There are other issues though, that can lead to the development of autism in a child. The next cause is....

Issue #3 Lyme Disease

Researchers recently discovered the Lyme disease bacteria Borrelia can lead to autism in some children. Fetuses and babies that hadn't been exposed to ticks were found to be infected with Lyme disease. The researchers discovered that this bacterium can be transmitted by a mother, who may unknowingly have Lyme disease, to her baby during birth, or in early childhood.

The researchers found that Lyme disease tends to run in families, passing from parents to children. If left untreated, it causes brain damage and many other hard to diagnose symptoms commonly found in autistic children.

This discovery led the researchers investigate the incidences of the Lyme disease bacteria in autistic children. Sure enough, they found this bacteria in many autistic children and their families.

The bacterium is able to get into the brain where it produces toxins, especially when children are exposed to it at a very early age. As with candida, Lyme disease alone isn't the only problem.

The toxins produced by the Lyme bacteria get stuck in the brain because glutathione needed to remove the toxins gets used up, and cannot be replaced because the child is not making enough glutathione. The toxins disrupt normal brain activity which leads to autism.

Many times the Lyme bacteria causes an inflammatory autoimmune response in the brain as the immune system tries unsuccessfully to deal with the Lyme bacteria. This autoimmune response is a main cause of autism symptoms.

Turning off the autoimmune response, killing the bacterium, strengthening the immune system against the Borrelia bacteria, and getting the cells healthier so they can resist it are all ways to help deal with this issue.

Issue #4 BioFilms

As a reminder, these causes are listed in order of importance. #1 being most important. The more likely a cause is to lead to autism, ie. the more autistic children have this particular issue as one of the issues leading to their development of autism or autism spectrum disorders, the higher it appears in this list.

An autistic child will not have all these causes, but it will have many of them. Because these causes can be identified, it means something can be done to correct these issues.

This is why many autistic children have improved greatly when the right actions are taken, and why your child can too.

Dr. Peta Cohen developed the theory of biofilms and how they cause ill health. He has a method to get rid of biofilms which has proven to be successful for helping autistic children improve.

Biofilms are formed in the blood. They are built by bacteria which group together and weave a protective web or matrix about them - to protect them from the immune system. It is “sticky, gluey, mucus-y goop, and it’s got fibrin in it to give it an intact structure.”

Once the biofilm is built, the bacteria are protected, so they shed their outer membrane. It is the proteins in the outer membrane that the immune system uses to identify the bacteria. So when the outer membrane is shed, the immune system can no longer target the bacteria.

So the bacteria remain alive, fermenting, metabolizing and sending their toxins into the bloodstream. Yet you can’t really find evidence of them in stool cultures or other tests as they remain sequestered in the biofilm.

Thus biofilms protect the bacteria in them to such as extent they are even hard to identify. They also use calcium, magnesium, iron and toxic metals to build the matrix of the biofilm. This also subjects the body to heavy metal toxicity.

There is a several step process to get rid of the biofilm and the associated toxins released as you kill them.

First is to attack the biofilm by digesting the fibrin with fibrin digesting enzymes. We prefer PapayaPro, which supplies both fibrin dissolving mature green papaya powder and a binder to absorb the toxins, modified citrus pectin.

At the same time use EDTA or other mineral attracting chelators to pull out the minerals from the biofilm. Our preferred chelator is actually high quality liquid zeolite, Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ.

Zeolite holds on to the minerals and heavy metals it grabs hold of and won’t let them go. It prefers heavy metals to minerals, and will grab them without interfering with the mineral balance in the body as EDTA does. A far better way to go.

Once the biofilm becomes exposed by giving these two types of supplements, 30 minutes later give the child anti-bacterial herbs of all types. Dr. Cohen alternates a different one every day.

When bacteria or viruses are present, whether or not there is candida, ESME version P is an excellent pathogen killer that has the added benefit of getting much needed minerals into cells. In addition to supplier electrons for cellular energy improvement. And you don't have to rotate herbs.

Start out with only a drop or two a day for young children. You don’t have to alternate this with other supplements as the bacteria cannot develop a resistance to it. And it is more powerful.

Dr. Cohen follows up an hour later with a binder like modified citrus pectin, but this is not necessarily needed if you use the papaya and citric pectin supplement, PapayaPro, in the first place.

Destroying bacteria releases toxins which are acidic. Using a buffering agent like a bicarbonate formula with magnesium is important to balance out the body pH. The very best product we have seen for this is pHenOH which is a frequency enhanced to kill bacteria and candida, OH water concentrate. OH water has a hydrogen ion removed from it so that it seeks out any acid it can find to bind with, and then pulls that acid out of the body.

Dr. Cohen has been successful with this approach. He reports: “I had one little autistic boy who lives in the city who is loaded with viruses and infections and is now almost fully recovered.

His mother used to complain about the terribly high levels of copper in his bloodstream and that his hair was like a copper mattress. We measured the hair but there was a marginal amount of copper in it. He was not eliminating. As we got into the thick of the biofilms his copper blew out of his body in his stool, for months and months. He’d been loaded with copper. I’ve had other children struggling for ages to get mercury out, and out it came.”

Biofilms are definitely one piece of the puzzle. They are not as underlying or fundamental in the development of autism in most children as candida and lyme disease are, but they do need to be addressed. Fortunately, the supplements we prefer to handle them are also ones that will help fight candida and lyme disease.

Issue #5 Viruses

Viruses are always found in autistic children. Almost all test as having chronic viral infections. It could well be that the exposure to a large number of viruses in vaccines - given to children too young to have an immune system, or whose immune system has been overwhelmed and beaten down by candida or lyme disease, or some such mechanism is a primary cause of these viral infections. But it is not necessarily the cause.

Anytime the immune system is wiped out by a chronic candida infection or lyme infection, especially if the child is exposed at birth, they are susceptible to developing many chronic viral infections as secondary infections.

These viruses often reside in the brain, and in the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath is an insulator which protects our nerves from electrical impulses while simultaneously causing those impulses to travel faster.

When the myelin sheath surrounding and protecting the nerves becomes infected by viruses, two things happen.

1) The nerves are damaged by the viruses, and

2) further damage is inflicted on the myelin sheath by the autoimmune response that develops as the immune system tries to attack the viruses.

So what is the consequence of nerve damage and a damaged myelin sheath? Dysfunction and ....

Pain. Pain from the nerves exposed by the inflammatory attack on the myelin sheath by the immune system.

Not just a little pain either. In our energetic testing, we find that on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain level in a severely autistic child can be an outrageously high 9.

This high level of pain that autistic children experience was first brought to our attention by Judith Bluestone’s book, The Fabric of Autism. She went on to form the Handle Institute, one of the premier autism resources.

The stemming, spinning, head beating, and repetitive motion, is all an uncontrollable attempt by the child to overload their sensory system so much that it shuts down and dulls the astounding level of pain they are experiencing.

If some caring health practitioner tells you that there is nothing to do to help a severely autistic child, that it is genetic, or some such thing, don’t believe this for one minute. For by doing so you are condemning your child to a lifetime of pain.

Instead, take action and work on getting rid of the pathogens and toxins and stimulating healing of the myelin sheath, and give your child a chance to live a life without that pain.

Standard medicine has little to fight viral infections. Antibiotics don’t work. Anti-viral drugs are highly toxic. Your best best lies in natural viral killers. There are many. Liposomal Glutathione will actually decrease viral load in cells. Even more effective ESME version P. Not as effective by more widely known and used are Vitamin C IVs and colloidal silver.

Issue #6 Genetics

After reading several times in this report that autism is not genetic in origin, you must find it a contradiction to now read that one of the causes that could have led to your child’s autism is genetic. Let me explain.

The “autism is genetic” argument is frequently used to explain that there is nothing you can do about autism. It’s genetic and just happens to some children. Sort of like sickle cell anemia is genetic and there is nothing you can do about correcting it. Sickle Cell Anemia is genetic. You can help deal with the symptoms, but you can’t reverse it as it is genetic.

Nothing can be further from the truth with autism. There is a genetic component to the development of autism in some children. This has been identified as a genetic predisposition to the inability to make adequate amounts of glutathione. (It is no coincidence that glutathione comes up so often in this report. Lack of it is central to the development of autism.)

In 2004, researchers from the Department of Genetics at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock reported that autistic children have reduced levels of glutathione as compared to normal control children. The work of the lead researcher, Jill James was reviewed in Science News, April 16, 2005:

“The incidence of autism has gone up dramatically in the last 15 years,” notes S. Jill James, director of biochemical genetics at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. “Because gene don’t change that fast, this points to something in the environment as a trigger,” she says.

James found an unusual biochemical fingerprint in the blood of 100% of 75 autistic kids, while none of 75 normal kids had the biochemical marker. The autistic youngsters had unusually low concentrations of the antioxidant glutathione in their cells.”

“This pattern is consistent with an inability to detoxify poisons, especially heavy metals, such as mercury or lead,” James says. “That’s because the antioxidant normally binds to heavy metals, and the body then targets the molecular complex for elimination.”

Other research also suggests that autism develops under the combined effect of genetic mutations that deplete glutathione or prevent it’s development.

This genetic defect would not cause autism except because of heavy exposure of a child to heavy metals or other poisons. And of course, as we have pointed out, genetics is not the only cause, or even the primary cause of the development of autism.

Candida overgrowth disrupting protein digestion which reduces glutathione production is actually the main cause in more cases of autism. But if your child has autism, and doesn’t have candida overgrowth, then it could well be that this genetic defect is the cause of the low glutathione levels your child will have.

In the case of genetic glutathione deficiency, Liposomal Glutathione may need to be taken indefinitely to keep levels high.

Issue #7 Vitamin D

We rate these causes in order of importance based on our energetic testing. While energetic testing is certainly not scientific, these causes all have science behind them.

Research studies and health care practitioners dealing with autism, have come up with so many causes of autism that it can be overwhelming to decide which to focus on. This is where our energetic testing can be useful, to prioritize in general what are the more common causes of autism and which are not as often important causes.

Vitamin D is one such example. Research shows that an overwhelming number of autistic children have low levels of vitamin D in their body. However, overall there are other causes that are more important.

Fortunately, vitamin D deficiency is easy to correct, and vitamin D levels should be checked in every case or autism, or at least vitamin D should be included in every autism protocol.

Vitamin D first came to the attention of some researchers when it was noted that Somali children in both Minnesota and Sweden had alarmingly high levels of autism, while in rural Somali autism is rare. Children in rural Somali are not vaccinated. Researchers suspected the low level of sunlight in Minnesota and Sweden contributed to low production of vitamin D. Researchers explain why this may lead to autism.

According to Professor John McGrath and Dr. Darryl Eyles at the University of Queensland in Australia, “Normal brain development depends on adequate amounts of activated vitamin D to orchestrate the cellular architecture of the brain. Both the vitamin D receptor and the enzyme necessary to make activated vitamin D are present in a wide-variety of human brain tissues very early in pregnancy.”

This means that it’s not only important for babies and infants to get vitamin D, but pregnant women must get it as well. Both pregnant women and infants moving from Somalia to Minnesota or Sweden would face drastically reduced levels of sunlight during the winter, which would surely impact their vitamin D levels. Their black skin would not absorb as much vitamin D producing sunlight.

Interestingly, the vitamin D theory also helps to explain why heavy metals in vaccines could be harming children. According to The Vitamin D Council:

“Vitamin D's role in increasing glutathione levels may explain the link between mercury and other heavy metals, oxidative stress, and autism. For example, activated vitamin D lessens heavy metal induced oxidative injuries in a rat's brain.

The primary route for brain toxicity of most heavy metals is through depletion of glutathione. Besides its function as a master antioxidant, glutathione acts as a chelating (binding) agent to remove heavy metals, like mercury.

Autistic individuals have difficulty excreting heavy metals, like mercury. If brain levels of activated vitamin D are too low to employ glutathione properly, and thus being unable to remove heavy metals, they may be damaged by heavy metal loads normal children easily excrete.

That is, the mercury in thimerosol vaccines may have injured vitamin D deficient children, while normal children would have easily bound the mercury and excreted it.”

Again, glutathione enters the picture. In this case it is lack of vitamin D that leads to low glutathione levels, or plays a role along with all these other factors mentioned, in creating low glutathione levels.

Issue #8 Immune Disregulation

Autistic children suffer from immune disregulation, which is an autoimmune response where the immune system attacks the body, especially the brain cells and myelin sheath in cases of autism.

There are several possible causes of this autoimmune attack. In what may be the most common occurrence, chronic viral or bacterial infections wears out the side of the immune system that is supposed to kill these pathogens. This part of the immune system becomes weak and worn out, and can’t eliminate them. So the inflammatory side of the immune system takes over the immune system response to these pathogens.

Unfortunately, this part of the immune system is not able to effectively kill pathogens. The pathogens remain, and what you get is chronic inflammation which destroys or injures any infected myelin sheath cells or brain cells.

A buildup of toxins in cells may also lead to inflammation causing immune disregulation. It is not as common a cause, but it does happen. In this case the over-responding immune system, which is also partly responsible for removal of toxins, attacks cells that have toxins irritating them.

Immune disregulation is also very apparent in the gastrointestinal health of children with autism. Most suffer from symptoms ranging from diarrhea, gas, and bloating to intestinal lesions and inflammation of their gastrointestinal system.

This is usually a result of the Candida yeast infection. Typically the intestinal wall becomes inflamed as the immune system attacks the walls.

Issue #9 Pasteurized Milk

When I first read about the possibility of pasteurized milk being one of the causes of autism, I was skeptical of how significant a cause this would be. But our energetic testing on the importance of the various causes puts pasteurized milk at number 9 on the list. Something to keep your child away from.

Get your child on raw milk instead. And raw goat milk is the best.

Dr. Mercola comments on pasteurized milk and autism: “Other studies indicate that both autism and schizophrenia may be linked to your inability to properly break down a protein found in milk. Personally I believe this is related to pasteurized milk and have seen many autistic children thrive on raw milk products, especially fermented ones like kefir or yogurt.

When not broken down, the milk protein caseinate produces exorphins -- morphine-like compounds -- that become absorbed by areas of your brain where they cause cells to dysfunction. The findings suggest that an intestinal flaw, such as a malfunctioning enzyme, is to blame for your inability to break down this milk protein.

Researchers have discovered that the protein is absorbed by 32 different areas of your brain, including sections responsible for vision, hearing and communication, which could account for many behavioral symptoms of both diseases.”

He goes on to say, “ Pasteurized milk restriction is an ABSOLUTE imperative to the treatment of autism. Anyone managing this illness without restricting milk is deceiving themselves. This includes all milk products, such as ice cream, yogurt and whey. Even natural flavorings in food must be avoided unless the processor can guarantee, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that caseinate is not included.”

Issue #10 Pyroluria

Pyroluria is a severe but reversible deficiency in zinc, manganese, vitamin B6, and Omega 6 essential oil deficiency. Various researchers have postulated that 20% to as much as 60% of autistic children have pyroluria.

Symptoms Include:

Body: Fatigues easily, thin, though possibly heavy waisted

Brain: Anxious, depressed, devastated by stress, reading disorders

Ears: Sensitivity to loud noises

Eyes: Light sensitivity

Skin: Pale, body tans, face doesn’t

Sleep: Prone to sleep disorders, night person, minimal dream recall

Stomach: Don’t like breakfast

Males: Prone to rages

Females: Up & down emotionally


Issue #11 EMFs

Electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones to appliances to electrical outlets is what Dr. Klinghardt calls synergistically causal for autism. In other words it plays a role in causing autism because of its effect on other things.

He says that EMF exposure increases the production of toxic microbes and endotoxins. An experiment on microbial cultures, compares growth and endotoxin production between microbes shielded in faraday cages, compared to cultures subjected to typical EMF exposure without protection. The proliferation and endotoxin production went up 600 percent when subjected to ambient EMFs.

For this reason, Dr. Klinghardt suggests:

• Turning off all the fuses at night

Shield your bed with a special metalized fabric, to protect yourself from harmful frequencies that can disrupt cellular communication. (The barefoot mattress pad will do the same thing.)

Dr. Mercola suggests that at a minimum, move your bed so that your head is at least 3-6 feet from all electrical outlets. also, turn off everything electrical in your sleeping area, including WI-FI, cell and portable phones.

Plus, never hold a non-corded phone to your head, and avoid using your cell phone when in a car with a child or pregnant woman. If you absolutely need to use your cell phone, crack your window so the radiation can dissipate quicker. And not to consider these tips to be final solutions, but rather what to do while you are learning and preparing yourself to do more.

Issue #12 Digestion

Digestion, or rather the lack of it when there is candida yeast overgrowth, is covered in the first section of this report. In this section we are referring to poor digestion caused by food allergies and poor digestion caused by having type A blood.

Food allergies always happen when there is candida overgrowth. The candida drill holes in the intestinal wall, causing a leaky gut. Undigested food makes its way into the bloodstream through the leaky gut, eventually causing an allergic response to a great many foods. While this creates major symptoms and problems, it is not necessarily a major cause of autism. Though certainly the symptoms it causes are major in their effects.

The other issue here is having Type A blood. (There is a high rate of Type A blood in autistic boys.)

Children with type A blood usually have a harder time digesting proteins. This poor digestion of protein leads to a lack of amino acids, and thus a deficiency of glutathione.

The problem proteins are usually identified as poultry, meat, cow's milk, cheese and whole eggs. I suspect that raw milk, cheese, and eggs would not be an issue. Raw meat either. They are much better digested.

Easier to digest proteins are usually said to include fish, egg whites, gluten, soy products, nuts and seeds. Of course, your child probably has a gluten allergy if he or she is autistic, so that is out, and there is now plenty of evidence that soy products are not healthy to consume unless they are fermented to break down some of the amino acids in them.

Fermented soy includes tempe, miso and natto. Not tofu, not soy milk, not isolated soy protein. also, you need to make sure the soy you use is organic, as virtually all non-organic soy is genetically modified which has its own set of health problems that it can cause.


Issue #13 Too Much Testosterone

This is the final potential cause of autism we will cover in this report. It is not as important to the development of autism, according to our energetic testing, as these other causes. But it is a compelling argument that must contribute to the development of autism in children.

Over the last 60 years, toxic chemicals, like Teflon, plastics, and formaldehyde have increasingly invaded our homes. More so over the last 30 years. A rising tide of evidence has turned the spotlight on these chemical as a poison in developing brains.

One group of particular concern is a family of hormone twisting compounds, known as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These are the focus of scrutiny because: 1) they're found in every home in America 2) they're linked to human disease 3) exposure to them has risen in parallel with the surge in autism diagnoses and 4) they may affect the developing fetal brain.

EDCs include BPA (in food cans, hard plastic water bottles), phthalates (in soft plastics, cosmetics), and fire retardants (in sofas, computers, flame-resistant clothing). Multiple animal and human studies have linked EDC exposure (during and after fetal development) with a host of hormone-related disorders, like low sperm count, cancer (breast, ovarian, prostate, testicular), congenital malformation of the genitals and even obesity.

This increasing exposure to EDCs lends support to it being a cause of autism, called the "extreme male theory." This theory, by Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen and colleagues, speculates that autism is caused by something changing a fetus' hormonal balance that then leads to over-masculinization of the developing brain.

Could that "something" be the hormone-altering EDC chemicals we're exposed to every day? Autism-type disorders are 4-9 times more common in boys.

The "extreme male theory" has by two interesting bits of evidence: 1) fetuses with slightly elevated levels of testosterone grow up acting extra-male (more interested in things than people, slow language development, etc.)

2) children with autism -- boys and girls -- show extra-male characteristics (e.g. poor social ability, language delay).

The reason EDCs are suspected as the cause is this: EDCs often act as weak estrogens, and estrogen feminizes the body, but in a fetus' developing brain estrogen actually has the opposite causes masculinization.

So the mother’s exposure to EDCs tends to produce more testosterone in their fetus. Boys would be end up with higher testosterone levels than girls would, starting with a higher amount to begin with, and thus could have a tendency to exhibit more of these autism like symptoms.

Again, this is not likely to be a major cause, but it does come into play. Limiting exposure to EDCs is important for expectant mothers or mothers preparing for a pregnancy. By the way, the best cellular detoxifier of these chemicals is glutathione.

10 Major Issues To Address In Dealing With Autism

To reverse autism spectrum disorders, many of the causes covered in the first section of the report need to be dealt with. The toxins, the pathogens, the damage caused by the inflammatory attack on the brain, must be corrected if your child is going to improve substantially.

Below are the 10 major issues that need to be dealt with. What needs to be done, and how to do it. Again, we will list these issues in order of importance. This ordering may help you determine what issues may be more important for you to focus on first, as you can’t focus on everything.

Certainly a number of issues can be addressed at one time, and if you work into them slowly, perhaps all of them can be. The first two are certainly the most important to deal with right away as they cause the damage to happen.

#1 Detoxify

There are two important areas of detoxification. Cellular detoxification of toxic chemicals and EDCs, whether those chemicals come from vaccines or any other exposure. And heavy metal exposures. Again, this could come from environmental exposures such from a parent who worked with mercury at a factory in the 1930s, from living close to a coal burning plant spewing out mercury, or the aluminum and mercury in vaccines in the 1990s to the present time.

Just about anything you do to increase cellular energy and to support the cells is going to aid cellular detoxification. Some of the more potent foods include blue green algae and greens in general. However the kingpin of cellular detoxification is glutathione.

Increasing levels of cellular glutathione is the single best way to neutralize and eliminate those toxins. It is virtually impossible to get plain glutathione into cells. (It is an amino acid complex that gets broken down by the digestive process, by the liver if given via IV, and is broken down before it can enter cells, so that is it no longer glutathione.)

The best or perhaps the quickest way to get glutathione into cells is to take a glutathione supplement such as Glutathione Specialist, where nano sized glutathione is hidden inside a phosphocholine molecule - which your cells gobble up.

Once they break down the molecule, the glutathione is released inside your cell. Most of the glutathione in glutathione creams, IVs, and normal supplements does not get into cells. Research shows that glutathione given via IVs does very little to increase cellular glutathione levels. It increases blood levels, not cellular levels because the glutathione is broken down before it enters a cell.

Glutathione Specialist is the best liposomal glutathione supplement we have found. It uses a high quality liposome oil from Europe that does not go rancid easily like most other liposomal glutationes do. It tastes good, which is important, is very stable, and is combined with a special energized water that has significantly increased its effectiveness.

Glutathion Specialist is by far the best way to increase cellular glutathione levels -- especially if protein digestion is poor as it is most of the time with autism. It is certainly the fastest way to get glutathione into brain cells so that it can pull environmental toxins, vaccine toxins, and more out of the brain.

Start with very low doses and gradually increase the amounts used. (It is easy to stress an autistic child or someone in the autism spectrum by doing too much too fast.

Some of the very best and quickest improvements in the ability of an autistic child to make better contact, improve concentration, even starting to speak, have come from using Glutathione Specialist (or it's previous version Glutathione PleoLyposome).

While dealing with the candida or other pathogens is always, in our testing, the top issue to address, detoxifying is next and Glutathione Specialist is the top cellular detoxifer for all types of toxins.

If protein is well digested, other glutathione increasing options are available. The best of this lot for older children and adults, is a frequency enhanced water elixir called Quzu. Among other benefits of increasing immune system function and stimulating cellular healing, this frequency enhanced water delivers an energetic message to the body, when you consume small amounts of it, instructing the body to produce more glutathione and to increase cellular glutathione levels.

These elixirs, and there are a number suggested in this report, have a multi-year record of working, of communicatng to the body a set of instructions directing the body to take certain actions.

NAC is what many supplements use to increase glutathione levels. It supplies not quite the right form of cysteine. Cysteine is the limiting factor for glutathione production. Some supplements combine NAC with a number of other ingredients to optimize glutathione production, including a special ribose version.

Better than NAC supplementation, a truly undenatured whey protein provides the optimal form of cysteine the body needs to make glutathione. The very best whey protein we have found is Action Whey. In fact it first came to my attention when a user described how it almost immediately improved the health of her autistic child.

We focus on glutathione in this report because it is the lack of glutathione that leads to the buildup of toxins in the cells. There are certainly other ways to support detoxification, including supporting the liver so that it can handle toxins better, and adjusting pH levels so that the cells are better able to release toxins. However, glutathione is primary.

While glutatione will detox toxic metals, many times your child will greatly benefit from additional detoxification therapies. Glutathione is a good heavy metal detoxifier, but it has plenty else to do. Alternative practitioners often use EDTA to detoxify metals. It is actually a pretty poor detoxifier compared to some other ways to detoxify. And has the disadvantage of pulling out healthy minerals from the body too. The FDA has come down heavily on EDTA after a child died after a series of EDTA treatments.

Clay baths can be good detoxifiers of toxic metals that are free in the body.

Cilantro is a classic heavy metal chelator. However, as it pulls these metals from cells, the liver has to try and detoxify them, and the body is often exposed to these metals again. They also don’t necessarily get eliminated from the body. They may get resorbed in the intestinal tract back into the body.

For it’s ability to attract and capture heavy metals in the brain, liquid zeolite is the best heavy metal detoxifier. We prefer Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ, as the energies in it, the DHQ, and other nutrients, all increase its ability to detoxify -- and enable it to better circulate deeper in the body. So it is more likely to get into the brain than zeolite in the powder form, and the energies and additional nutrients provide significant health benefits compared to other liquid zeolites.

There are several unique properties that make zeolite a good toxic metal detoxifier. First, it has a negative ionic charge so that it attracts heavy metals (and other toxins), which have a positive ionic charge, to it. Next it has a honeycomb like molecular structure that allows it to grab hold of these toxins and hold them in it.

Zeolite is not used in the body and is eliminated in approximately 6 hours. Thus it can carry out the toxins without the body having to deal with them. Better still, zeolite has an affinity to first pick up heavy metals like mercury and lead. Better still, it would not be deleting healthy minerals.

In addition, it attracts and grabs hold of viral particles, thus helping to stop viral replication. And as virtually all autistic children have chronic viral infections, this is valuable.

You have to go slow using zeolite. It is grabbing hold of free heavy metals floating around in intercellular fluid or blood. As it eliminates these, the body senses there are fewer heavy metals, and tells your cells to release metals stored in the cells. So start out slowly and gradually increase dosage.

For older children and adults, OCMP is an important cellular detoxifier. It is a magnesium based mineral supplement, in capsules, with other nutrients that works to optimize the ionic charge on cell walls. This enables more nutrients to get into cells which is always valuable with autism. And better still, increases the elimination of toxins from cells. Including heavy metals.

It usually tests, in our energetic testing, as the best heavy metal detoxifier for older children and adults with autism. Perhaps because it also helps get more nutrients into cells.

With all of these detoxifiers, you need to start your child at a very low dose and gradually increase so as not to stress your child.

With the Glutathione Specialist, start at approximately an eighth of a pump for an infant, or slightly larger amounts for older children -- up to half a pump for a full grown child. Work up to using half a bottle a month for infants, up to 2 bottles a month (more could be done) for a full grown child.

#2 Eliminate Pathogens

There are generally 4 main types of pathogens to be dealt with. Candida, viruses, Lyme Disease, and separately, the bacteria in biofilms. Most of the time numerous pathogens are infecting a child with autism.

This is because the majority of the time either candida or lyme disease so thoroughly wipes out the immune system response, the child or adult becomes susceptible to secondary infections.

Antibiotics will attack bad bacteria, but they kill friendly bacteria also, and this leads to candida overgrowth. Anti-viral drugs are ineffective and toxic. Herbal remedies are useful. Some of the most commonly used ones are olive leaf extract, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, caprilic acid, and more. Typically, these herbal formulas need to be cycled so that the pathogens don’t adjust to them. Colloidal or ionic silver supplements have wide ranging anti-pathogen action.

Depending on which pathogens are causing the most problems, any one of the products discussed below could come in as the top pathogen killer to use with your child. In 7 out of 10 cases the primary pathogen is going to be candida overgrowth. If you are not sure, go to the candida site above to read about the symptoms and test that can be done to see if it has overgrown.

If your child is too young to do the spit test, test yourself. If you have candida overgrowth, your child does too. And you will need to be dealing with your overgrowth or you will be continually reinfecting your child.

The anti-pathogen supplements that work the best, based on our experience, are the following.

For a chld up to the age of 4, use CandiCalm. It is an excellent candida fighter that also works on other pathogens. It is a frequency enhanced water that transfers energies to the body that disrupt and kill candida, parasites, and other pathogens. Being a water, it is perfectly safe to take.

As it works subtly to disrupt and kill candida and other pathogens, it tends to cause less die-off -- always important to avoid if at all possible.

We suggest stronger versions, mentioned below, for older children, but your baby won't need them. CandiCalm will deal with the candida overgrowth quite well. Start using just 1 drop a day if your baby is less than six months old, and work up to using just 4 drops twice a day. There are about 900 drops per bottle so a bottle will last many months.

Use CandElim for children older than four. It has the same energies as in CandiCalm, but has additionally very small amounts of specially processed (with patent pending processing so there is nothing else like these) olive leaf extract and a few essential oils that significantly boost its candida killing ability. It is a great candida fighter.

Younger children start with just 1 drop a day. Full grown children can start with 2 drops a day. Gradually increase dosage. Work a young child (7 or 8) to about 5 drops a day. Work a full grown child up to the bottle a month dosage, 30 drops once a day, or even more eventually.

The other basic with candida is getting the intestinal flora back in good shape so that the candida can be kept in check in the intnestinal tract.

For children up to the age of three, use an elixir call Biotic Boost. It supplies energies that tell the friendly bacteria in the guts to work together better, to colonize better, to deal with candida better. Remarkably, I've heard stories where even a a drop a day, it made a big difference in a child, quickly. Use in the same quantities as with CandiCalm, which is a very low dosage so a bottle lasts months.

Children 3 years old and above should be using a probiotic like TotalFlora15 to replenish the intestinal flora. It is the best probiotic we have tested and we have tested many, as it has been energized with the same energies that are in Biotic Boost. (If you are already using a probiotic, Biotic Boost can be used to supercharge what you are using.)

Again, just start with just a quarter capsule or less for a young child if you haven't had him or her on probiotics --gradually increasing to a capsule a day. A full grown child can start at as much as a capsule a day and work up to as much as 4 capsules a day.

Viruses, Bacteria and other pathogens

If you know your child has viruses, bad bacteria or other small pathogens, especially if there is no candida, but also if you are dealing with candida, use ESME version P instead of CandiCalm or CandElim or in addition to them.

ESME is an special super mineral elixir delivering bioavailable minerals and also energy producing electrons to cells. These minerals have been energized, in version P, to deal with viruses and all other pathogens. Again, our experience from talking to users is that this does an excellent job of doing so.

As with the candida products, start at a very low dose of a drop or two a day and gradually increase. Up to 2 bottles a month can eventually be used by adults or adult sized children.

As CandiCalm, CandiElim, and ESME version P work energetically, they are able to get inside biofilm and knock out the bacteria in them.

Biofilms can also be broken down by the use of systemic enzymes such as PapayaPro mentioned earlier in the article. After the pathogens in the biofilm are attacked, there must be something like modified citrus pectin already in PapayaPro, to soak up the toxins released. This is a powder that would be very difficult to hide the taste of.

If you are just getting started with helping your child correct the issues causing his or her autism, the detoxifiers and pathogen fighters are the most important supplements to be using.

You can stop here and start with them, or proceed further and work on other issues too. (At the end of this article, we give a source where you can get these supplements.)


#3 Reduce Hypersensitivity

Reducing hypersensitivity in your child, the holding the ears, not able to look directly at you, stemming, and so on, is the third most important issue to focus on fixing. Partly because hypersensitivity causes a great deal of pain in your child -- as Judith Bluestone points out in her classic book. And certainly because improving brain function is vital for your child.

You need to stop the damage to the brain caused by toxins and pathogens, and your need to repair and optimize brain function. The next recommendation is the best we have seen at working on this.

There are many ways to reduce hypersensitivity and improve brain function. The more you can do, the better.

Most likely, giving your child the following new elixir is the most important thing you can do to help your child reduce hypersensitivity. And to improve brain function overall. Anyone in the autism spectrum would benefit from using it.


Sattuv is frequency enhanced water elixir transmitting instructions to stimulate the regenerate of neural pathways in the brain and to stimulate healing of brain function. It transmits instructions to the body telling it to make new neural pathways when damage cannot be repaired. Or when needed neural pathways have not been developed -- as commonly happens in autism.

When toxins and pathogens interfere with brain development in a baby or young child, then neural pathways that are supposed to develop a particular age do not develop. Thus even though you may get rid of the toxins and pathogens, still your child does not recover completely. What is needed is the development of the missing neural pathways. Exactly what Sattuv will stimulate. Using these will work to both heal up the brain and calm down hypersensitivity.

This redevelopment will be slower with older children, yet it can happen as there is plenty of evidence that the brain's neuroplasticity enables it to restructure and heal itself. Sattuv turns on this process through the instructions it transmits to the brain.

Sattuv replaces in our recommendations both Custom Elixir A and Custom Elixir HSD. It is made with a much stronger technology and contains many more instructions and energies, making it greatly more effective at reducing hypersensitivity and stimulating the development of neural pathways.

Unlike Custom Elixir A, your child will be able to start using it at the full dose because it does not stimulate any detoxification processes or pathogen killing processes. Previously, with Custom Elixir A children had to start with just a drop or two a day.

Dosage suggestions: Babies up to 2 years old use 6 drops twice a day. 2 to 4 year olds use 10 drops twice a day.

5 to 8 year olds use 15 drops twice a day. This is the full bottle a month dosage. With older children and adults more can be done for optimal results, but the bottle a month dosage will produce a significant benefit.

9 to 12 year olds use 30 drops twice a day. 2 bottles a month. 13 years old and above use 45 drops twice a day. 3 bottles a month.

There is nothing like Sattuv. Not even close to it. Sattuv may be able to help your child in ways that nothing else has done. If you have been already working on detoxifying your child and eliminating pathogens, it is the number 1 supplement covered in this report for your child to be using. It is always one of the top two or three to supplements to use even if you are just getting started on the journey to improve the life of your child (and thus your life too).

Usherite Tetrajacks are a set of small, tetrajack shaped ceramic pieces that emit subtle vibrations that calm the cells. Some say that they transmit universal or Christ energy. These are very subtle, and we would not likely notice anything when holding them in our hand, but I’ve heard of children who insist on taking them everywhere. They work at the cellular level and have a calming effect on your child.

Have your children wear only natural clothing. Synthetics trap or hold the electric charge in the body, and this can cause a real state of over stimulation.

Reduce the voltage of the child. Judith Bluestone used to wear a copper anklet to help dissipate voltage. You can get a barefoot mattress pad to do this while a child sleeps. Or make sure your child gets outside walking on solid ground with bare feet. This grounds them and dissipates the voltage.

#4 Emotional Releasing - Energetic Healing

Life is a lot deeper than you may think if you have just been educated in the standard medical approach to dealing with health and well-being. There are a number of healing and emotional release modalities that have helped many people with autism. Health practitioners who use some of these modalities with autism spectrum disorders report that they can significantly speed up the healing progress.

I will list them in general order of importance, based on my energetic testing of their overall value in helping with autism. However, any individual child may need a specific kind of work or product that has no relation to the overall testing in general. You may wish to get A Personal Protocol to determine energetically which products or healing modalities would be most important for your child to use, which

Neuroliminal Training Autism CD is next. When played during sleep nightly over a period of 90 days, this CD dissolves hidden or subconscious stressors that block everyday wellness and helps clear the path to healing and recovery. An earlier version has greatly assisted individuals and families worldwide over the past fifteen years, and the version our recommended supplier carries has been expanded and greatly improved with other healing modalities.

It combines: Sensory Motor Response therapy, a proprietary process that engages the subconscious mind and modifies brain waves. Reflected Hypnotic Induction, a form of hypnosis that's reconfigured into a powerful relaxation technique. Both of these are interwoven onto an CD, and meshed into an ocean soundtrack that optimizes repair during sleep.

This CD engages the subconscious mind and modifies brain waves, achieving results similar to bio-feedback or neural feedback therapy. In particular, it lowers the Theta brain wave thus increasing concentration and attention (as NASA proved in the 80’s), and gradually raises SMR brain waves which creates greater focus.

Over time, listening to this CD gradually resolves allergy stress. Further, the subconscious is helped to release underlying emotional stressors. It encourages deep and peaceful sleep. It works to reduce allergy based stress - an enormous aid in assisting people living on the autistic/ADD spectrum. Releasing these stressors and modifying the brain waves helps reduce the hypersensitivity.

The ability to understand English is not a requirement to receive benefit from this CD. It works well for small children and infants. Unlike the SoundTherapy CD, headphones are not needed.

Neuromodulation Technique (NMT) works to turn off an over-responding autonomous nervous system. It is a great help with allergies, and will release emotional stress also. A therapist can work on your child long distance through you. Or find a local practitioner. NMT has had a good deal of success with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and can help to quickly deal with hard to deal issues like food allergies. Muscle testing is used to discover and release emotional and psychic blocks your child may have.

If there is not a NMT therapist in your area, I suggest you work with one long distance via the phone. The therapist we recommend is Luminara Serdar. Take a look at her website to learn more about NMT.

StressDefense contains herbs and oils that help to relieve stress while it fights pathogens and boosts the immune response.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a tapping modality that has had years of effective use with autistic children and many other people with other issues for that matter. You’ll find plenty of information on this online, including free instructions on how to do this yourself. You can also find a practitioner to work on your child.

#5 Reduce Brain Inflammation

As mentioned earlier in this report, the immune disregulation that happens when there are chronic infections in the brain, or when the brain is full of toxins, or both, results in inflammation. This inflammation causes much damage in the brain. It can destroy myelin sheath that protects nerves, damage brain cells, and in general cause cognitory problems. Inflammation is always a sign of chronic disease.

There are a number of products that would work to help reduce this inflammation. Two are the most important.

Nymsar is a frequency enhanced elixir that carries energetic instructions into the body reducing the over-responding inflammatory immune system response. It also supports the liver and kidneys so help with detoxification.

#6 Reverse Brain Damage and Repair Brain Cell Function

This is two part process. Fundamental to repair is first to detoxify the cells of the toxins stored in them, and to eliminate any pathogens infecting them. Covered earlier. Once this is done or at least partly done, it is possible to speed up repair of damaged brain and nerve cell function.

Judith Bluestone, in her classic book The Fabric of Autism, relates how a baby goes through developmental stages in creating neural pathways in the brain.

At a specific age, a particular pathway is activated. If something interferes with that development, such as toxic overload from vaccines, viral or bacterial infections, candida overgrowth, etc. then that pathway may not get developed, and there can be lifelong dysfunction resulting from these non-functional brain cell interconnections.

Judith formed the HANDLE Institute to help redevelop these neural pathways. With HANDLE a child or adult is evaluated by having them perform what seems to be very simple tasks (to someone with properly functioning neural pathways). The evaluation determines what pathways need to be redeveloped, and then visual and physical exercises, such as bending your head very slowly to the side, are used to redevelop the pathways.

This can be a long process, but this redevelopment is vital if your child is going to become fully normal again. In other words, you can do a lot of right things, detoxify your child, get rid of the viral and candida infections, supply nutrients to the brain, and so on, and still you child is not functioning completely normally because these developmental pathways were not activated at the proper time, and the brain has not activated them. The HANDLE program fundamentally is turning on the activation process through specific visual and physical exercises.

The energetic vibrations in Sattuv tell the train to turn on the activation process for non-functioning developmental pathways and to repair or create needed heural pathways.

#7 Repair the Myelin Sheath

The myelin sheath coats and protects the nerves. When pathogens like viruses are in the myelin sheath, the immune system, in an attempt to get rid of them, ends up attacking the myelin sheath in an auto-immune response. This inflammatory response damages and destroys portions of the myelin sheath where the viruses are. Nerves are exposed - causing pain and dysfunction. There are two parts to repairing the myelin sheath. Turning on and accelerating the healing process, and providing the building blocks to repair the sheath.

GI Pro not only repairs the intestinal wall, but it will repair the myelin sheath too. The myelin sheath is primarily made of collagen. The very best way we have seen to provide the building blocks to repair the myelin sheath is to use the pre-digested marine collagen in GI Pro. Because the collagen is pre-digested, even children who are not digesting protein efficiently, as is common with autism, will be able to utilize this. Comes in a capsule.

For adults, the best way to turn on the healing process is to use the Telomerase Elixir that tells the body to release or produce the telomerase enzyme with lengthens telomeres at the end of chromosomes. This stimulates repair and regeneration in the body.

Gelatin is collagen and thus a good source for the building blocks to repair the myelin sheath. Use the unflavored, unsweetened kind. It can be mixed in orange juice or a shake or some food. A 2 year old could use as much as a tablespoon a day, an adult 8 tablespoons a day.

Collagen is a source of glutamic acid which is an excitotoxin, activating neurotransmitters. This activation, as part of a whole food, may be of benefit to an autistic child. Isolated sources of glutamic acid such as MSG and aspartame, are not healthy. They overwhelm the cells and can ultimately kill nerve cells. These isolated forms are pervasive in a typical non-organic, prepared foods diet. Eliminating them is important.

As an ingredient in prepared foods, the isolated version, MSG, will be hidden under the names: gelatin, calcium caseinate, textured protein, sodium caseinate, yeast nutrient, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed protein, carrageenan, maltodextrin, malt extract, natural food flavoring, bouillon, natural chicken flavoring, natural beef flavoring, broth, ultra-pasteurized, soy sauce extract, whey protein concentrate, pectin, and anything protein fortified, containing flavorings, enzyme modified, or seasoned.

In these cases, it is an extract from gelatin or whey, etc. and not part of a whole food with the other co-nutrients. Stay away from these forms and as usual, when introducing supplements or food to your child, always do so in small amounts at first because it is easy to do too much. Too much change is hard on them. Go slow.

#8 Improve Digestion

GI Pro supplies both a probiotic and nutrients to heal the leaky gut.

As candida is so prevalent in autistic children, their digestion is generally lousy. Using a good probiotic that is able to both recolonize the intestinal flora and also deal with candida overgrowth, which the usual run of probiotics are unable to do, is the number one thing to do. In young children, the right probiotic (an assortment of friendly bacteria that are supposed to be in the intestinal tract) will deal with candida overgrowth. In older children and adults, much more needs to be done as candida can be quite difficult to get rid of.

P-A-L Enzymes Use of a good digestive enzyme is also vital for improving digestion. You take it with meals. It helps to break down food in the upper stomach. All food originally contains the enzymes required to help it break down in the upper stomach. Processing, cooking and irradiation all kill the enzymes so the food does not break down. Organic uncooked fruits and vegetables, raw milk, etc. don’t need additional enzymes to break them down. Cooked foods do. Use one capsule or less per meal.

Neuroliminal Training Autism CD also works on food allergies.

Food allergies including gluten intolerance, are a big issue with autism. These come from the leaky gut caused by the candida overgrowth which allows unusable, partly digested foods into the bloodstream. The immune system has to get rid of this food, as it is in an unusable form, and toxic. Eventually it starts over-responding and develops an allergic response to even the digested and broken down versions of that food.

Pasteurized (and homogenized) milk and dairy products are not healthy. The milk becomes significantly less digestible when it has been pasteurized and or homogenized. Try to find a source of raw milk. Depending on the state you live in, that may or may not be possible. There is a war on raw milk by regulatory agencies. You will have more luck finding raw milk cheese. Make sure it is organic if possible. Raw goat or sheep milk is probably the healthiest milk. Do a Bing search to learn more about raw milk and where you might be able to get it.

#9 Speed Up The Healing Process

There has been research suggesting that stem cell therapies, due to their ability to turn on the healing process significantly will be useful to children with autism. One clinic using stem cells with autistic children is finding 50 to 60% of the time there is significant improvement. I had initially assumed that stem cell therapy would be the top suggestion in this section. However my energetic testing rates something else higher.

Telomerase Eliixir

Lengthening telomeres will speed up the healing process too.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells have a natural ability to repair damaged tissue. Studies have aso shown they are capable of homing to and repairing damaged tissue. Animal studies show that stem cells also secrete proteins and peptides that stimulate healing of damaged tissue, including heart muscle and spinal cord. There are techniques that harvest your own stem cells, purify them and reintroduce them back into your body. Some clinics use embryonic stem cells. In our energetic testing website, we rate energetically which type of therapy is more effective.

There are lots of other things to try before going to get stem cell therapy. This is down at number 10 in the list of issues to take care of. Of course, it would be possible to use the vibrationally enhanced water telling the body to increase growth hormone levels right from the start as that expense would be relatively small.

#10 Provide Nutrients

While it is always good to be using nutrient support like the nutrient formulations that improve brain function and speed up repair of the brain, the optimal way to determine what nutrients are lacking in your child is to get some extensive testing to see exactly what’s going on. DAN doctors are excellent at this type of thing. Naturopaths can be too. Of course, if testing is out of the question due to expense, you could just make sure to supplement with the nutrients that the lack of causes Pyroluria. Zinc, manganese, vitamin B6, and Omega 6 essential oil deficiency. And of course, vitamin D.

also check to see if manganese levels are too high along with low levels of bioavailable iron. High manganese can result in high, to extreme, sensory overload.

What To Do Next..

There is a website that carries most of the supplements mentioned in this article and products that test the highest for us. The site will offer a shopping cart order page where you can go to make an order. Click on the link below to go there now:

Products from Get Healthy Again

Or, you can send them an email with any questions or concerns by clicking here:

E-mail Customer Support

Or, give them a call at 1-800-832-9755

Internationally, 001-800-832-9755

In this report we’ve tried to communicate in an understandable way what we’ve learned about autism. The causes of autism have plenty of research behind them, along with anecdotal reports from practitioners who focus on autism. We’ve come up with nothing new in this regard, but put it all together in a way that hopefully makes more sense as a whole than the bits and pieces that you are usually presented with.

Those of us at hope this information will been of use to you. Understanding the causes of autism and knowing what needs to be done to correct these causes gives you a very high probability of improving the life of your child.

Remember, thousands of autistic children have improved through using just some of the suggestions covered in this report.

Autism is not something that just happens, without any reason or rhyme. It is not something that is untreatable, whose symptoms can only be controlled with drugs. There are real causes that lead to autism, and thus there are solutions to improve or even reverse it. There is hope.

If you try any of these suggestions, please let us know how they worked for your child. The more feedback we get, the better this report will become.

And if you do find this report and the products suggested in it to make a real difference in your child, please share it with others.

There are far too many parents who don’t understand why their child has autism or autism spectrum disorders, and who do not know that anything can be done to help.

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