A parasite is a creature that lives off another living creature consuming all its nutrients and causing them to become very sick.  Parasites live everywhere, but they particularly thrive in warm, moist areas. There are various parasite, liver flukes, Tapeworm, Ropeworm, Roundworm, Hookworm & pinworm and also bacterial parasites like Giardia just to name a few.

Parasites can lay tens of thousands of eggs each day! Around the full moon the parasites which reside in the intestine move to the stomach to breed.

Parasites are very calculating and thrive when the immune system is under stress and cannot fight them off, the gut then becomes inflamed resulting in a perfect environment for parasites to flourish.

Parasites are very common around the world. 

A few ways that Parasites can spread:- from animals to humans; in water, this includes bath water, swimming water & drinking water; by eating under cooked meat, Pork is the worst; raw fish - Sushi; unwashed fruit and vegetables; poor hygiene (not washing hands after visiting the toilet)  soil; feces; urine; saliva, including mouthing of toys in children; sandboxes; nappy changing tables; nurserys & schools; toilets; shopping trolleys; kitchen utensils and worktops; We may even be born with them; Some spread through the air, through insect bites, if the insect is a carrier.