MAF activates Macrophages and macrophage activation stimulates the 2nd line of defence in the immune system by drawing white blood cells (lymphocytes) to the point of infection. 

However cancer cells have a protective protein coating that prevents the lymphocytes from penetrating the cancer and causing apoptosis (cell death). 

Our own bodies produce a pancreatic enzyme that strips this protective coating and renders the cancer cell open for attack. This is how our immune system works with macrophages digesting cancer tumours and lymphocytes attacking the cancer cells.

There are many reasons why our own pancreas may not function properly but the result is the same our lymphocytes simply cannot penetrate the protein shell of the cancer cells

Fortunately, as with Vitamin B17, nature has provided a back up in the form of Pineapples and Papaya Melons.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. When you eat, the food in your stomach gets broken down, the body utilises the good bits and the other bits get flushed out as waste matter. With autistic children foods containing gluten do not break down fully. The broken down pieces are called peptides and these peptides are small enough to pass through the wall of the stomach rather than being fully processed. Children and adults with autism usually have something called Leaky gut, this means that the wall of the stomach is damaged and these peptides are small enough to pass through the wall into the bloodstream and the central nervous system including the brain, causing various adverse reactions.
When the protein gluten gets broken down, it becomes the peptide known as gluteomorphin. Most people are aware of the highly addictive drug Morphine and this peptide is very similar in its effects on the brain and body of the autistic person.