In the ~10 days before the first shot we started Vit D3 supplementation (starting at 5k IU, up to 10k IU (2 x 5 per day)). I figured that if the Vit D is required, then by giving it in sufficient but safe dose, we might push the equilibrium to MAF activation ('to the right side' of the equation). I noticed that after a few days of Vit D, our boy was significantly more alert and aware of his surroundings. So, the chemistry seemed maybe logical I thought. And, in that week or so we saw improvement in speech; more in terms of clarity and reasoned responses than in enhanced vocabulary. We had given Vit D before, but at low doses, and could not discern any differences.

Now, so far we have given these shots, 0.1, 0.1 ~0.15, 0.15 mL, each about a week apart.

After #1 (0.1 mL) we saw no positive language changes, but we did see increased hyperactivity (-ve) and better eye contact (+ve); I think it was more meaningful and calmer eye contact. We also saw a mild temperature and a runny nose. I think this may have been for the very first time in years that he has had that. He has never expressed illness nearly as often as other kids; he tended to remain completely healthy until his immune system could not cope, and generally this would result, for example, in a seriously infected throat. So, this time around he had a runny, green, snotty nose. I
can't recall hearing him sniffle in such a long time.

After #2 (0.1 mL) we saw more speech, longer sentences, better concentration and he was more socially engaging. Towards the end of the week however, this gain dropped off a bit. Our son is in first grade at a mainstream school with a shadow; staff remarked at how surprised they were at his performance in the classroom and in the playground (they do not know about the gcmaf treatment). He was actually approaching groups to join in, verbally requesting such.

After #3 (~0.15 mL) we saw basically the same as after the second and it appears to be lasting longer. Our son had his first ever real classroom 'academic test'; although he took longer than most of the other kids in the class, he achieved 12/18 correct answers under the same conditions as them. I think his language, understanding and concentration are moving to the next level. The day after the shot, mum said she was heading to the market. Our boy told her to take 'take care' and asked when should would come back (he had been already asking that in the past)...mum replied that she would come back the next day, to which he surprisingly replied 'you're joking mummy.....but, what will you bring back to cook for lunch ?'. Hmm.

After #4 (0.15 mL)
Our boy has not really been up 'on his toes' in quite a long time, but I had noticed occasionally that he has a toe/foor reflex that looks similar to that. This seems to have largely vanished. He had his second academic test. 21/23 correct. Nice. His classroom concentration was well up, especially in the 2-4 days following the shot. His expressive language on those say especially was markedly improved .

Speech is definitely again on the up. More engaging and initiating that. Greater sentence construction and desire to start and continue conversation. His teachers say he has excellent matchematic skills (I am a bit surprised, but his workbook seems to show such); and they say this he
has the bets grapho-motoric skills in the class (we spent 2 years with a strong focus on fine and coarse motoric skills).
He is doing his homework everyday, but tends to rush things. He has learned the words of his first significant poem (3 verses) and was able to recite it in front of the class (he need help with a
consonant to get going on the last verse).
He is singing a lot.

We seem to get a small regression about 6 days after the shot. He fixation with computer games is however on the increase. Also, he is not sleeping as well as he used to. Not significantly so,
but noticeably. Maybe also the pressure of school ? He is conversing in 2 very different lanaguages, and I would say that each language is advancing expressively.

Our boy's regimen has not changed in other ways except that he has had a significantly reduced oxalate intake (as a result of changing diet from a very strict GAPS to a GF). There are some very specific symptoms that have resolved since doing that, but at this point I think they are independent of the gcmaf introduction. He has been off the hi-oxalate diet for about one month (oxalate primarily from nut bread).

His supplements include : fish oils, multi-vitamin complex, Ca/Mg tabs and probiotics.


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