Fever is generally measured at about 40 – 40.5c (103 – 104f) and occurs naturally when we are infected by a virus, for example.

Fever is a very effective, and wise, reaction that has developed in all mammals and humans.

Because viruses, bacteria and pathogens multiply rapidly their membranes are thinner than those of naturally occurring cells and the fever weakens the membrane which makes them more vulnerable to an immune attack, or permanently disabling them.

The rise in temperature also stimulates the white blood cells in our immune system resulting in macrophage activation. Activated macrophages will then chase down, attack, kill and engulf any invader.

Worth mentioning as a foot note is that because we are all built from the same cellular building blocks, macrophages will recycle about 95% of the virus into new immune cells (killing them to strengthen us).

The other 5% is cellular debris and will be detoxified, in the case of fever – sweat.

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