Mafactive is otherwise known as gcmaf, gcprotein & vitamin d binding protein (VDBP). It is a protein chain consiting of 480 sugars that binds to vitamin d3 to form the major circulating form of the vitamin.

Every cell in the body has Vitamin D receptors which gives an indication as to the importance of this vitamin to cellular health and our immune cells are no exception.

Located at the 418 position on the VDBP is one sugar that is required by white blood cells called monocytes to differentiate and activate into our most powerful of immune cells - the macrophage.

So how does it go wrong?

There are 2 main reasons why VDBP/Vitamin D cannot activate macrophages:

1. VDBP is produced in the liver and kidneys which then binds to vitamin D to form the major circulating form of the vitamin. If there is liver or kidney disfunction then VDBP is not produced, or if it is produced at all....... it is most likely to be defective.

2. Nagalase the enzyme secreted by viruses, bacteria, fungus & pretty much everything nasty that takes up unwanted residence in the host will secrete nagalase to defeat the immune system.

Nagalase will attack and remove the sugar(s) required for immune cell activation and because it is an enzyme it does this time and time again with no collateral damage to the rest of the vitamin.

Until Dr Yamamoto came along and 'outed' nagalase we had no idea as to how cancers and viruses were able to defeat the immune system and grow unchecked.

Not only that, he went onto demonstrate that it is possible to cloak the 418 sugar on VDBP so nagalase cannot attack it and therefore restore immune function. MAFActive is produced using the same tried and tested methods.

Just to prove his theory correct Dr Yamamoto took 30 cancer patients and 30 hiv/aids patients and using nagalase as the marker was able to reduce this to normal levels in the body after months of weekly injections consisting of 100ng a week. Follow up blood tests showed the nagalase levels remained normal and thus was able to declare them recovered with no relapse months/years after.

Incredible eh.......nearly 20 years have passed, the media and establishments still not only keep very quiet about the discovery but outwardly dismiss any efforts or research into this harmless vitamin d binding protein.

Hope this has helped further your understanding of MAFActive/GcMAF and please leave any questions or comments below.


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